home1Welcome to our website where you can watch the full pilot episode of Kidz Time TV, a comedy drama set behind the scenes on a live children's television show. It follows the quirky crew of Kidz Time TV and their exploits as they work in what is supposed to be the most politically correct environment of all, children's television, yet their behaviour is anything but. They have difficulty keeping their personal problems from spilling on to the live feeds.

You can watch the full pilot on the link below. If you'd like to know more about the show before you watch it, then please go to the about page or you can watch our trailer and some short clips from the show by clicking here.


home2We are really proud of our little show that took a lot of time, planning and energy to make. We are a very small production company with no outside funding. We simply have a passion and a dream to make our show into a full series and we cannot do that without your help. We need to get the attention of the Gods of Television and so we ask that if you watch the show and like it, that you tell people about either via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, word of mouth, email, morse code, sign language, carrier pigeon or any other method of communication that you can think of. You can find out more about our plans for the future of the show here. Enjoy the show and please join our mailing list here.


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